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Duplex Indoor Cable

Duplex Indoor Cable

Duplex indoor cable has high strength aramid yarn which ensures high tensile strength and long term stable transmission for optical fibers. It has small outer diameter, light-weight, flame retardant, easy to strip, low attenuation. This kind of cable is suitable for installation, operation and convenient for maintenance. It’ s applied for building connecting cable along the wall, ceiling, between layers and in conduits. It can also used as pigtails and patch cords for communication equipment.


Outer diameter(mm) 1.6x3.3 1.8X3.7 2.0X4.1 2.8X5.7
Nominal Weight(kg/km) 5.7 6.7 8.2 13.2
Crush Resistance Long/Short term (N/100mm) 100 500 100 500 100 500 100 500
Tensile Strength(N) Long/Short term 160 80 160 80 200 100 300 160
Min.Bending Radius(mm) Dynamic 20H
static 10H
Temperature Range -20℃-70℃
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