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Terminal Box OPE-FTTH-208

Terminal Box OPE-FTTH-208

FTTH208 is FTTH passive optical points wiring special terminal box.
It’s used for outdoor wall-mounting and pole -mounting.Lock Hasp structure makes it easy for open and close and guard against the theft.Can meet the following Ф 12 cable into, and can meet the figure 8 or Φ 3.0mm cable protective in splice connection;

1.Part no.: FTT-H208
2.Outer size(L×W×H): 240mm×195mm×66mm
3.Suitable splitter type: Mini splitter
4.Adaptor type: SC ; LC
5.Can be installed 1:8 SC or 1:16 LC Mini- splitter;
6.LC biggest for 16 core, SC biggest for 8 core. 

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