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TFF Broad Band WDM Device

TFF Broad Band WDM Device

Opelink TFF broad band WDM device is a product that is based on dielectric thin film filter technology. It can be used in DWDM systems where high power is required. As the WDM device is Telcordia GR-1221-CORE qualified and RoHS compliant, customers can feel secure in their purchase.

1. High channel isolation
2. Low insertion loss
3. Low polarization dependent loss
4. Great environmental stability

Opelink TFF broad band WDM device is suitable for use in CATV system, metropolitan area network, wide area network, access network, FTTH, as well as optical amplifier.

OPELINK is Thin Film Filter WDM device manufacturer in China. We offer WDM devices, CWDM , DWDM, and SFP transceiver, media convertor module, variable optical attenuator, we supply high quality with competitive price. Full chain of manufacturing single mode broad band fiber coupler, fiber optic splitter, optical fiber patch cord can be completed in our company. More details are shown in the page with description.

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