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Armoured Optical Fiber Jumper, Connector

Armoured Optical Fiber Jumper, Connector

Opelink armoured optical fiber jumper is a newly developed product that can be easily used just like wire. Unlike traditional jumper that is easily broken or destroyed, this optical fiber jumper is well protected by flexible stainless steel tube and wire fence which are made using patent technique. Additionally, the tube is covered with a flame resistant PVC coating for great moisture and fire resistance. The unique design has resulted in our armoured optical fiber jumper having many advantages, like higher bending performance, longer service life and lower loss during operation.

Opelink RoHS compliant armoured optical fiber jumper is extensively used in optic sensors, local area networks, communication rooms, optical communication systems, test equipment, optical active devices, television broadcast vans, and more.

OPELINK is optical armored patch cord/fiber jumper manufacturer in China. We offer optical patch cord/ fiber jumper, connector kit, one piece connector, pigtail, and single mode broadband fiber coupler, variable optical attenuator, etc. we supply high quality with competitive price. Full chain of manufacturing optical splitter, optical isolator, optical circulator can be completed in our company.

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